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The Funny Boneyard is a zany point-and-click adventure game that combines an authentic retro style with the themes of today.

Starring Maria Romero – the millennial hero we need. She didn’t get into any uni courses and her phone is busted; a shrug and a sullen sigh later she is out to save the city, and her favourite pub THE FUNNY BONEYARD.  If she can get motivated, YOU CAN TOO!

Made in Adventure Game Studio, by Josef Zorn and Andreas Capek (thefunnyboneyard@gmail.com).



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I've finally come around to streaming the game, on Linux no less https://www.twitch.tv/videos/346379788?t=00h28m10s

I really like it so far. The art style reminds me of Toonstruck, the music is nice and the writing is really good.

I've had a few font rendering issues and the 'z' in your font is really hard to recognize.

For narrating it's a bit awkward when the dialog line doesn't quite match what you selected. I think I had a case where it wasn't said at all and a couple cases where it was different or expanded. I don't think it's much of a deal though (except maybe the one case where Maria didn't say anything).

Oh, and I also prefer to read in my own speed, whether narrating or not, so I rather have click-to-advance dialogues than self-running ones. You can see the trouble I had in the intro :]

And that's pretty much all I could think of. I have a vague idea where the story may be going and I'm looking forward to playing more :]

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Thanks for streaming our game and for your detailed feedback! We did look into doing a Linux version using the runtime a while back, but encountered some problems that would need more time and resources to fix, so we decided to stick to Windows for the moment. Hopefully in the future! And yes, we'll definitely look into adding an option for setting the text speed at the very beginning for the full version.

We are a Twitch category! Praised be science!!!

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We just released Version 2.0 of our demo (while work on the full game continues full steam ahead)!

- New music!
- Improved art and animations!
- Expanded dialogue!
- Holy shit!




You will be floored by the new music and graphics. Just a little patience ...

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Playthrough with Verena on Twitch. (We are talking in German)

KÜSSDIEHAND... Neues PnC Adventure für eine neue Generation THE FUNNY BONEYARD von VIENNA_High_Score auf www.twitch.tv ansehen

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A nice piece on THE FUNNY  BONEYARD Demo: https://www.theframegaming.com/gaming/first-impressions-the-funny-boneyard/


"You play as Maria Romero, your typically disenchanted millennial, as she tries to save her local pub, The Funny Boneyard. Maria is a product of missed opportunities in university, an overactive social media presence and a crippling struggle with anxiety. If she seems a bit blasé at first, it’s probably because her situation rings a little too close to home for most of us. However, instead of descending into the typically nihilistic self-deprecation, the game does offer some opportunities for personal growth. As we played the demo, our own sense of stagnation with the character became a much more hopeful dive into lessons about friendship, trust and social responsibility."

+ her lovely play through stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/291526813

Point n Click Fans on Twitch might want to check out that community Pixel Hunter.

Thanks for the donations, much appreciated! We are already working on the full game like crazy. Contact us via thefunnyboneyard@gmail.com, if you have questions, feedback or want to be placed on a newsletter for updates and other fun stuff.  

See you at the Boneyard! 

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Thank you VIENNA GAME DEV MEET UP for having us yesterday and giving us a platform to present our game. We met very nice, smart and helpful people. See you again soon and let's keep it going!

Really nice start for an adventure game! Very good work with the classic point-and-click style, the character designs and such. The dialog and the story as a whole are also both interesting and funny. The game definitely doesn't hold the player's hand even at the start, I hate to admit spending some time with the padlock alone!

We'd love to see your game in our contest, the Game Development World Championship!

So exciting! Thanks for your interest in our game and informing us about your competition. We will contact you ASAP, have a great day.  Your Funny Boneyard Team.

Okay, that sounds great then!

We decided, we will first finish the full game before we take part in contest. But thanks so much for asking. Now we have some goals to look forward to. :D

Alright, it's always nice to have the goals.

Yuss! ᕦ⊙෴⊙ᕤ

Looking forward to seeing how The Funny Boneyard looks & what characters it houses. :) Good work with the demo!


Thank you so much. We are honored! :D